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Andy Bablo
Katherine Mitchell DiRico
Mike Witt

April 1 - May 13, 2017

Opening Reception:
Saturday, April 1, 2017 4-6pm

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Responding to the daily bombardment of information, misinformation, alternative facts and fake news, Drive-by Projects presents three artists whose work addresses the transfer of information from one location/person to another, and what happens when those communications go awry.

Andy Bablo's LED light box addresses the difficulty in sorting through the daily barrage of visual information. "Whether it's on TV, in our cars, or on the phone, computer tablet, watch, etc., somebody is trying to sell us something in the form of news, information or products" states Bablo. His pulsing light piece demonstrates his frustration with our inability to perform day-to-day tasks without some level of distraction, and the need to establish a balance of communication, information, and personal space.

In an age of big data, Katherine Mitchell DiRico's Ethics of Interruption series focuses on the instinctual gestures used to communicate between mother and child. Challenging the negative connotation of interruption, Mitchell DiRico's mixed media wall pieces are markers of failed strategies or data sets gone awry as they embrace an inner logic of mothering that is at once interdependent and sublime.

Over a period of several years, Mike Witt intercepted and collected envelopes from his daily business correspondence. Intrigued by the privacy patterns inside the envelopes, he began remaking these banal recyclables into elegantly minimal paper constructions. An unlikely byproduct of the USPS, Witt's Zen-like practice of observance, meditation and transformation focuses on formal design elements such as pattern, surface and scale.

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Andy Bablo, Feeble Cognition (detail), 2017, African mahogany, black walnut and LED lighting, 58 x 12 x 5"

Katherine Mitchell DiRico, Ethics of Interruption, figure b (detail), 2015, graphite and adhesive on plastic,
25" x 40"

Mike Witt, Untitled, poster board, saved business envelopes and printed paper, 10 x 13"

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