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John O'Connor, Bang Luu and Julia Hechtman

November 2 - December 21, 2019

Drive-By Projects
81 Spring Street, Watertown, MA

Opening Reception:
Saturday, November 2, 4-6pm

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Drive-by Projects is pleased to present Sleep, an exhibition featuring drawings by John O'Connor, 3-D printed objects by Bang Luu and video by Julia Hechtman. Personal yet universal, sleep can be a balm that soothes, a respite from the day's stresses or a realm of dreams, good and bad. Intrigued by the mystery and science of sleep, each of these artists presents work that delves into that naturally recurring state of mind and body.

Using computation and mathematical algorithms Bang Luu makes 3D models from audio recordings of sleep participants and their environments. Her small, resin orbs are spiky where noise levels differ, sometimes veering completely away from the sphere. Though born from science and math, Luu's works are also magical and other-worldly. Reminiscent of exotic plant life or crystalline formations they seem apt to float away into the dreamland that created them.

Julia Hechtman's video A Man Out of Time (For CM) documents the sleep of a bald, bearded and tattooed man in the moments before waking. In less than two minutes, Hechtman leads the viewer through a gamut of reactions, memories and associations as she juxtaposes the cozy, serene site of the bed with its peaceful occupant and tweeting birds, and the slightly threatening bad-boy persona of the sleeping man.

Suggestive of automatic writing, John O'Connor's sleep drawings record the moment when he transitions from consciousness to the unconsciousness of sleep. "As I go to bed each night, I place a pencil on a piece of paper, which I lay on my chest. I note the time I'm about to fall asleep on the paper, and then shut off the light. As I fall asleep, my hand makes involuntary marks as I transition away from consciousness." The next day O'Connor scans and prints the sleep paper noting any dreams he can recall from the night before and often embellishing the "sleep marks" which appear like lightning bolts etched onto a dark sky.

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ongoing projects

Just Two Guys Made of Dots and Lines

curated by: beth kantrowitz/bkprojects
Jon Cowan and Jeffrey Katz

October 16 - November 22, 2019

Isenberg Projects
230 Cypress St, Brookline, MA

Opening Reception:
Wednesday, October 16, 6-9pm

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John O'Connor, July 1, 2018
digital print and colored pencil, 19x12 5/8"

Bang Luu, Input Output #1, 2018, clear resin, 3x3x3"

Julia Hechtman, Man Out of Time, 2015, video still

R: Jon Cowan, Radient Void, 2019; L: Jeffrey Katz, 25 Shorty, 2018

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