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Strange Landscapes

August 3 - August 31, 2013

Opening Reception:
Saturday, August 3, 6-8pm

One Mile Gallery, Kingston, NY

Kingston, NY - July, 2013 - One Mile Gallery is pleased to announce the forthcoming exhibition, "Strange Landscapes", featuring the work of work of twenty different artists. The work will be on display at One Mile Gallery through August 31, starting with a special opening reception for the artist on August 3 from 6-8pm.

The depiction and exaltation of natural scenery such as mountains, valleys, trees, and rivers, has a long and rich history in art. We have a special connection here in the Hudson Valley and surroundings as in the mid-19th century, the Hudson River School painted a romantic and idealized version of our world around us. At a time in which the industrialized world was just beginning to extend its reach into nature, the Hudson River School was recognizing the spiritual and otherworldly element in the landscape.

150 years since the Hudson River School, One Mile Gallery and bkprojects have selected work by artists that have furthered this romanticized view of the landscape. The artists in this exhibition, from New York and Massachusetts, have found the otherworldly in their art through nature. The works reflect our time, full of great uncertainty, mixed with that same sense of wonder, awe, and delight that our ancestors shared so many years ago. Artists include:

Roberta Paul
Chris Faust
Remi Thornton
Kathleen O'hara
Amy Ross
Sue McNally
Gail Boyijian
Rachel Sumpter
Julia Hechtman
Jojo Ans

Paul Maloney
Neal Hollinger
Anne Suprenant
James Isherwood
Brendan Donleavy
Tara Key
Erika Vala
Martin Mullin
Andrea Mihalovic
Colette Robbins

Kathleen O'Hara, Skull Island/Sure Thing, 2011, acrylic, marker, pencil, collage, glitter, on panel, 12 x 24"

Julia Hechtman, The Vanishing, video

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