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Cut and Glitter

Kathleen O'Hara and Randal Thurston

September 7 - September 28, 2012
NKG Gallery, 450 Harrison Ave, Boston, MA 02118

bkprojects and NKG Gallery are pleased to present Cut and Glitter, an exhibition of glitter works by Kathleen O'Hara and cut-paper silhouettes by Randal Thurston.

Kathleen O'Hara's interest in iconic American images and materials led her to glitter, a medium that she uses to explore cultural beliefs and practices ranging from psychological testing to spiritual transcendence.

Inspired by the Crypt of the Capuchin in Rome, as well as a personal interest in the pre-industrial world, Randal Thurston's darkly mysterious installation embodies his continuing exploration of the transitory nature of life through the use of ornament.

Project Image | Cut and Glitter

Kathleen O'Hara, Glitter Rorschachs/96 horizontal, 2012, glitter glue, acrylic on paper, 4 x 6'

Project Image | Cut and Glitter

Randal Thurston, The Alchemist, 2012, cut paper, 30" x 23"

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