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Roberta Paul in collaboration with bkprojects & the Cambridge Arts Council.

April 2 - June 15, 2012

Visit: www.watch-me-move.com

MOVE (a verb)

1.  to change or cause to change in position or place or posture
2.  to be or cause to be in motion
3.  to provoke a reaction or emotion in

MOVE ME is a "pop up" public art project that will take place in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It is a multifaceted event that will include both a gallery exhibition as well as a "performance" in the streets. Artist Roberta Paul and Project Manager Beth Kantrowitz of bkprojects have partnered with The Cambridge Arts Council (501(c)(3)) to investigate themes of immigration, national identity, and life transitions through the metaphor of animal migration. At its essense, this is a project imbued with a sense of wonderment, inquisitiveness and self-reflection.

The project was inspired by a trip the artist Roberta Paul took to the Serengeti in 2007. Paul said: "When I returned to my studio back in the States, I found myself unable to shake free of the images of the animals that roamed the plains of this spectacular landscape. I was a bystander watching their passage between countries, while I was limited by man-made borders. The wildlife of Tanzania informed my art making and served as the foundation of a visual story of the movements of life, not merely in the physical sense, but also as a reflection of our internal and self-made boundaries."

Cambridge, Massachusetts was chosen for this project because of its diversity of people and culture. While it is only 6.3 square miles in area, with just over 100,000 people, there are residents from a myriad of countries with a comparable number of languages spoken. It is a true microcosm of our global society and the starting point for a project that aims to move beyond Cambridge to other cities.

The project is scheduled for March, 2012. The art exhibition of Paul's work will be shown at the Cambridge Arts Council Gallery, concurrently with a moving exhibition through the streets of Cambridge. Our intention is to "wrap" cars, vans and buses with images of migrating animals from Paul's work by a process that uses a 3M technology film, creating a metaphorical skin. The vehicles will "pop up" in unexpected places to both surprise viewers and stimulate a community dialogue.

The project will also have an educational component. Installation of 16ft. x 4ft. cloth banners in the seven public libraries in Cambridge will provide the link. Using the banner images as "centers" for reflection, visitors to the library can volunteer to share their stories of immigration and boundaries. Trained volunteers will interview them, and their accounts will be documented and provided to the libraries for their archives.

Project Image | Watch Me Move

Project Image | Watch Me Move

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