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works by anne gilson haney

Opening Reception: Thursday, March 29th 6 - 8 pm

Biyoshi Salon, 1382 Beacon Street, Brookline, MA 02446
Hours: Tuesday - Saturday 12 - 6 pm.

Anne Gilson Haney:

My paintings come directly from an experience or observation in my life. No doubt, making art is an emotional process and like emotions, my paintings are multi-layered and complicated.

One image might seemingly shout out a sudden, funny observation in my suburban life. Another might offer little in comparison -- like slowly revealing a sad or a quietly ebullient secret. This is the "veil" in my work: the story behind the story. My attempt is to depict "flashes" of our daily, emotional life: the forced, bored smile; the tear that falls without warning; a double-take at the beauty of a simple object in the midst of a chaotic moment; or the unselfconscious, belly laugh from a child in an awkward situation. Thinking in an abstract way is what interests me as a painter.

Much of my work is inspired or begun with a single memory, observation or experience. Some have called my work "personal paintings." I'm not attempting to make a statement or commentary on a grand scale. On the contrary, my interests lie in the daily rituals and comings and goings of people around me. Themes tend to revolve around sexual dynamics and relationships, stereotypical female roles, and memory. For a short time, I worked at Good Housekeeping magazine and since, have enjoyed using cooking imagery to provide a little "movement" it's funny to me to juxtapose cooking terms and techniques with some of my themes.

The paintings introduce a contrast of some sort by means of using texture, color, imagery, space versus clutter, etc. I find using a visual contradiction allows for contemplation -- the viewer might make a quick decision about what I am trying to convey in the work, and by closer inspection, she might change her assumption because of a bit of type or an image that contradicts. A "happy" painting is sometimes based on a sad memory. I encourage the viewer to use her imagination and own experiences to find a story of her own in the paintings.

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