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Mapping and Mating

An Exhibition of Digital Prints at Singer Editions

Meg Alexander, Geoff Hargadon, Kim Pashko, Randal Thurston, and Shannon Rankin

October 21, 2010 - April 30, 2011

Reception: Thursday October 21, 6 - 8 pm
Location: Singer Editions, 300 Summer Street, Boston MA
Hours: Monday - Friday, 9 am - 5 pm

OH Projects, bk projects, and Singer Editions are pleased to present Mapping and Mating, an exhibition of digital prints by Geoff Hargadon, Shannon Rankin, Randal Thurston, Kim Pashko, and Meg Alexander in Singer Editions' Summer Street gallery space.

The title Mapping an Mating loosely defines the three-way collaboration among curators Kathleen O'Hara and Beth Katrowitz, five artists, and Jonathan Singer and the staff of Singer Editions. Curators and artists map out their ideas and then "mate" with Jonathan to produce them, although some artists have also directly addressed the concepts of mapping and/or mating in their prints.

Geoff Hargadon's prints are enlarged photographs of ATM receipts (above right) that he has collected at various squares in town: Harvard, Central, Copley, and Post Office. Hargadon continues his wry observation of the mundane and its ability to engage the viewer. "The receipts and the comparisons mean absolutely nothing as they are, and as such they call into question the meaning of money and the importance we assign it".

Meg Alexander's Ocean Fog (right) and Star Magnolia revisit subjects from her earlier work, while taking advantage of Jonathan Singer's expertise and equipment to realize effects that she was unable to achieve in her drawings. Both prints explore the liminal area where image and surface become one, thereby creating images that dissipate and dissolve until they are barely visible.

Randal Thurston sees his starkly beautiful bouquet Island (right), as ". . . a map that uses flowers as both a place and its legend". Inspired by the Victorian language of flowers, florigraphy, and his own interest in language and memory, Thurston plays on the tradition of using flowers to communicate complex feelings (sorrow, joy, regret, love) by embedding a coded message in his floral bouquet.

In her collaboration with Singer Editions Shannon Rankin has expanded on her work with maps to create a textured, almost topographical print (middle right). "While bearing traces of the original form, I deconstruct maps to create new geographies, suggesting the potential for a broader landscape." Expanding on her recent Polar Region series, Rankin's print explores the relationship between landscape, geology, and biology.

As registrar at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Kim Pashko arranges for the transport of art objects to major exhibitions all over the world. Pashko's print (lower right), like many of her drawings and paintings, transcribes the travel routes that she arranges for the Museum's art works. Pashko also ponders the co-mingling of the conceptual and the logistical that she sees in her job, when she places her puzzle-like lines and shapes above an amophous color field.

Located at 81 Spring Street in Watertown, MA, Drive-By is a small, innovative space committed to exhibiting provocative work in its storefront windows and small exhibition space. Founded by Beth Kantrowitz (Allston Skirt Gallery) and Kathleen O’Hara (OHT Gallery) Drive-By is open for special events and by appointment, though you can always drive by to view our current exhibition.

Mapping and Mating | Kim Pashko

Kim Pashko

Mapping and Mating | Geoff Hargadon

Geoff Hargadon

Mapping and Mating  | Meg Alexander

Meg Alexander, Ocean Fog

Mapping and Mating | Randal Thurston

Randal Thurston, Island

Mapping and Mating | Shannon Rankin

Shannon Rankin

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