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Good Art Looks Good Anywhere

Exhibition dates: September 24 - October 3, 2009
81 Spring Street, Watertown, MA

What do we expect to see in a storefront window... furniture, clothing, jewelry, kitchenware, beauty products? Expect the unexpected when bk projects and OHT Projects present The Storefront, our second curatorial collaboration.

81 Spring Street in Watertown, MA was originally the home of the Watertown Sun newspaper. It is currently occupied by Ningyo Editions, a fine arts print studio. On Thursday, September 24, 81 Spring Street will host The Storefront featuring 10 artists whose work addresses the issues of identity and neighborhood.

A Geoff Hargadon installation on the asphalt parking strip and a window display of Danielle Kcrmar's strange, portrait busts, greet you as you enter The Storefront. Inside, Chris Faust's portraits of faceless women in hoodies and James Hull's photographs of Italian dumpsters explore the anonymity of the people and objects we glimpse everyday on our neighborhood streets. Karla Wozniak's drawings of American fast food joints and strip malls, and Ryan Steadman's iconic Hess painting, remind us of why our small cities and towns are disappearing, while Pete Watts' meticulous drawings of mills, and David Curcio's stitched, factory prints address the historic toll of industrialism in New England. Finally, storefronts are about merchandise and Alexia Stamatiou's display of t-shirts reminds us of the humanity of unknown passersby, as Ben Sloat's record album covers question the illusive identity of pop star Michael Jackson.

The semi-residential neighborhood of 81 Spring Street in Watertown is home to a painting contractor, a magic shop, a vintage beauty salon and now... The Storefront.

Chris Faust

Chris Faust, Past Yesterday (Striped), watercolor on paper,
14"x20", 2007

Pete Watts

Pete Watts, Watertown Textile Mill, digital preview, 2009

Geoff Hargadon

Geoff Hargadon, Cash for Your Warhol East Boston

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